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Spry Tooth Gel - Strawberry and Banana - Case of 1 - 2 Fl oz.

$ 4.68

It�s understandable since 42 percent of children between the ages of 2 and 11 have had cavities in baby teeth and 21 percent of children ages 6 11 have had cavities in permanent teeth. Fortunately tooth decay is preventable. You can give what your child�s teeth needs with Kid�s Spry Tooth Gel. Kid�s Spry Tooth Gel has xylitol, a natural sweetener your kids will love. But xylitol is also good for your child�s dental health. It has unique properties which don�t let bacteria stick to the teeth and gums. Because the bacteria can�t adhere, they can�t grow and flourish, which means your child�s teeth don�t have anything eating away at them. It was formulated specifically with children in mind and is completely safe to swallow.


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