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PlantFusion Plant Protein - Organic - Vanilla Chai - 1 lb

PlantFusion Plant Protein - Organic - Vanilla Chai - 1 lb

$ 35.99

Protein With Fermented Foods for Better Digestion and Absorption
  • 20g of Organic protein
  • Sugar free
  • Fermented foods for digestion
  • Mixes smooth & tastes delicious Not Just More Protein���More Usable Protein People are obsessed with protein, and why not? It�s critical for optimal health! But more is not always better. How much protein you consume is not as important as how much protein your body can actually digest and absorb. A healthy digestive system is the gateway to your body and will determine the benefits you receive from your protein supplement (or any food you consume). PlantFusion Organic Protein includes a healthy dose of fermented foods to supercharge your digestion with a full spectrum of natural food-based probiotics and enzymes for better overall nutrient digestion and absorption. 20 grams of Organic Protein + Fermented Foods gives you: 1. Greater Protein Benefits � because your body easily breaks down and absorbs the protein 2. Fewer Digestive Complaints � because the fermented foods assist digestion of protein 3. Improved Overall Digestive Health � because your digestive system is �reconditioned� over time with the optimal balance of flora Bottom line���.you get a whole lot more out of your protein shake than ever before!


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