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Hodgson Mills Milled Flax Seed - Milled Flax Seed - Case of 8 - 12 oz.

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Flax seed is often called a miracle food because of its Omega3 Oils. Studies support Omega3 Fatty Acids may help reduce of risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol levels and reduce inflammation to help prevent ailments including cancer and arthritis. It's also chock full of fiber 4g per 2 Tbsp. serving, including 1 gram soluble, helping you feel fuller longer to help manage weight and to promote digestive health. Wow When flax seed is finely milled, your body is better able to absorb its full benefits. That's why our expertly milled Flax Seed is so popular. We also give you the option to grind your own Enjoy its light nutty flavor in fruit smoothies, sprinkled over soup or salad, or substitute a portion of the flour, oil or eggs in baked goods. Each serving provides 2600mg of vital Omega3 Oils Our Milled Flax Seed is Certified Gluten Free, produced on dedicated equipment in a gluten Free environment.


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