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Hager Pharma Toothbrush - with Xylitol - Happy Morning - 1 Case

Hager Pharma Toothbrush - with Xylitol - Happy Morning - 1 Case

$ 27.99

Disposable Toothbrush with Xylitol Mint Toothpaste Single-Use Toothbrush with Xylitol Toothpaste
  • Toothbrushes pre-pasted with mint flavored Xylitol toothpaste
  • Individually wrapped for ultimate hygiene and help reduce risk of spreading infection
  • Great for travel and on-the-go
  • Just wet bristles to active the toothpaste Benefit of Xylitol, The Ingredient:
  • Reduction of plaque forming bacteria and debris
  • Remineralization of enamel
  • Does not promote caries by reducing plaque forming bacteria
  • Xylitol is an excellent low calorie sugar substitute (up to 40% less calories) The Use of Xylitol in Children
  • Childrens acceptance and compliance can have particularly long-term positive effect on oral well being due to it�s excellent ease-of-use and great taste Benefit of Xylitol in Geriatrics
  • Holds and keeps the aging related salivary mutans at a steady level
  • Eases xerostomia caused by the intake of medications which causes a reduction of saliva in the elderly population

    Xylitol Mint Toothpaste.

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