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Frontier Herb Onion - Granules - White - 2.29 oz

Frontier Herb Onion - Granules - White - 2.29 oz

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The distinctly strong taste of onion is indispensable in the kitchen. It's warm, sweet and salty flavor shines in most savory dishes. It comes in several convenient dried forms: flakes, granules, powder and slices. Botanical Name: Allium cepa Suggested Uses: Use 1 tablespoon of onion granules in place of one fresh onion. Product Notes: Easily dispersible onion flavor and aroma for spice blends, meats, canned and frozen foods. Add to mashed potatoes, deli salads, stuffings, or any recipe that needs onion flavor. Origin: United States Kosher: KSA Certified Common Name: Onion Plant Part: Bulb

White onion granules.

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