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Earth Therapeutics Cosmetic Blender - Pink - 1 Count

Earth Therapeutics Cosmetic Blender - Pink - 1 Count

$ 6.24

Ready for flawless makeup everyday? Try our new blending sponge! The Cosmetic Blending Sponge is specially designed to apply all types of makeup flawlessly, efficiently. Whether the cosmetics are wet, dry, or powder-based, the pointed tip of the sponge allows for the precision application and blending of foundations, concealers, mineral and cream-based makeup-reaching even the hard-to-get-at areas. The rounded end of the sponge allows for a more efficient and even distribution. Made with a prime quality, non-latex polymer, this blending sponge is soft and luxurious to the touch-molding sensitively to the contours of the face. This sponge is reusable. To prolong the life of the sponge, rinse thoroughly with warm water and store in a dry place. Non-latex, Hypoallergenic


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