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Dapple Laundry Booster Pods - Baby - 25 Count

Dapple Laundry Booster Pods - Baby - 25 Count

$ 10.60

Give your laundry a boost�because a kid�s underwear can never be too clean.
  • Formulated to handle really heavy loads (in more ways than one)
  • Takes cleaning to the next level � use with detergent
  • Fragrance-free
  • Suitable for HE or Standard machines

    Sodium carbonate (natural cleaning agent from minerals), sodium polyitaconate (water conditioner from corn), sodium percarbonate (natural oxidizing agent from minerals), sodium sulfate (natural processing aid from minerals), sodium silicate pentahydrate (natural corrosion protector from minerals), protease (natural enzyme to break down protein soils), amylase (natural enzyme to break down starch soil), lipase (natural enzyme to break down fats and oils), mannanhase (natural enzyme to break down food gums).

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