Better Health Through Mother Nature
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Organic fruit and you heart.

cardio flavanol gmo heart attack organic

Organic fruit and vegetables contains 50% more heart healthy flavonols than conventional fruits and vegetables.  Study: British Journal of Nutrition.

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Aspirin - Yale Study

aspirin cancer

Aspirin may defend against Pancreatic cancer.  As little as 75 milligrams daily can cut risk by as much as sixty percent.

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Bee Vomit

canker sores honey

Honey reduced size pain and swelling of mouth ulcers ...  and cut healing by as much as five days. A dab will do it!!!

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Fun Facts: Carrots

carrots fun facts

A Carrot is still alive when you eat it.

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Pregnant women and Organic Vegetables

Pregnant women who eat organic vegetables have a lower chance of complications pre-eclampsia during their first pregnancy.


MoBA studies say the risk of developing pre-eclampsia may be 24% higher for women who dont eat organic vegetables.  

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