Blog Launches New Site Dedicated to Healing Herbs and Natural Health

August 27, 2014: Los Angeles – Providing the latest information and resources when it comes to herbal remedies, medicinal herbs and natural health products, recently re-launched its website, which remains dedicated to “improving happy and healthy lives.” “Interest in … Continue reading →

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Herbs List

The herbs list at is the comprehensive collection of information on herbs you’ve been looking for. We’ve compiled our decades of knowledge into a convenient, searchable format that covers a multitude of herbs, their nutritional and medicinal properties and … Continue reading →

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Common Herbs

Lately there has been a massive shift to using common herbs to treat symptoms from illness as opposed to manmade medicines, many which come with side effects that are worse than the original symptom. Common herbs have been shown effective … Continue reading →

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Herb Names Information is your quintessential resource for herb names information. We’re the handy website you can reference when you forgot which herb it is that’s best for a headache, or the ones with properties for treating low blood pressure. Since 1995, … Continue reading →

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Herbal Product

Are you looking for herbal product online that will cure your everyday aches and pains? Perhaps you are currently living with a chronic disease, such as cancer or HIV/AIDS. is home to so many resources, articles, research, and other … Continue reading →

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Herbs for Sale Online

If you are a health enthusiast, looking for an online herbs community for likeminded individuals, look no further than We are one of the most comprehensive resources for individuals looking to improve their health and wellbeing. If you are … Continue reading →

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Herbs Information

If you are searching online for research and resources related to natural herbs, information is plentiful but not always reliable. Sadly, many people turn to prescription drugs to alleviate symptoms that natural herbs can cure. Not only are natural cures … Continue reading →

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Medicinal Herbs List

Worldwide, millions of people are living with the symptoms that accompany everything from fatigue to lyme’s disease to muscle spasm to heart disease. If you suffer from debilitating symptoms, browse through the medicinal herbs list on for some common, … Continue reading →

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Name of Herbs

When you need to find the name of herbs that help with specific health issues, you have come to the right place at We have spent decades building up a complete library of resources on everything herbal. At … Continue reading →

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