Burning sensation in the abdomen and beneficial herbs
2013-05-28 02:28:14
Abdominal burning sensation
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The burning sensation in the stomach is normally a sign of digestive problems such as Gastritis, food allergies, and emotional stress etc. Gastritis is actually developed when a damaged and inflamed area in the lining of the stomach gets exposed to gastric juices. This is a painful condition in which the common symptoms include bloating, nausea, Indigestion, Abdominal Pain, and loss of appetite. Burning sensation can also be caused due to any food allergy or intolerance. In the same way, certain drugs, medications, and emotional stress are the cause of many digestive problems.

Associated symptoms of burning sensation in abdomen:

Generally, the following symptoms are seen in the patients suffering from burning sensation in stomach:

·         Nausea

·         Bloating

·         Acidic and sour taste in  the mouth

·         Growling stomach

·         Burning in the upper abdomen or stomach

·         Abdominal Pain

·         Loss of appetite

·         Indigestion

·         Chest Pain

·         Difficulty in swallowing

·         Persistent Cough

Herbal treatments

There are a lot of natural herbal remedies that prove to be very effective in treating the painful problem of burning sensation in the abdomen. Some of the most beneficial herbal treatments are as follows:


Peppermint is one of the popular and effective medicinal herbs that is used for the treatment of many diseases. Due to the anesthetic properties, Peppermint is quite effectual in treating stomachache and burning sensation in abdomen. According to a research, this useful herb helps to calm the muscles of the stomach and effectively treats the pain caused due to IBS and gas. Normally, it is used in the form of capsules or is brewed in tea because of its painkilling effects.


Another herb used for the treatment of burning sensation in the abdomen is Kava. This herb carries Sedative properties and is found frequently in the Pacific Islands. According to a research, this awesome herb consists of anesthetic properties, which are quite helpful for the people suffering from stomach pain. Kava is valued due to its relaxing effects and is effective in treating the pains induced by muscle spasms. However, the people suffering from liver diseases should avoid using it as it can cause liver failure.


This useful herbal remedy is very effective in treating a large number of problems including burning sensations and stomach pains. Ginger is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent and is used traditionally for the treatment of various gastrointestinal ailments. Whole Ginger as well as the powdered form is used to treat the stomach aches. It can also be used in the form of capsules or tea. Nevertheless, it should not be used in large amount because it can cause mouth burning, belching, and Indigestion particularly in the summer season.

Dandelion root

This is one of the excellent herbal remedies and is very helpful in treating the symptoms of stomach burning. In addition, it supports the liver, flushes the toxins from the body, and improves the digestion.

Black pepper

Black pepper is an excellent natural remedy against the burning sensation and stomachache. It can be either used in raw form or in powdered form. Black pepper is very useful in stimulating the digestive system. However, in large quantity, it can deteriorate the condition of abdominal burning so it should be used under supervision of an experienced herbalist.

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