Natural herbal remedies for Wheezing
2013-02-16 00:42:04
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Wheezing is a medical symptom in which a strange whistle like voice is listened from your chest and lungs. This is definitely associated with lung disease, respiratory system or even lung Cancer.


There are many reasons, which could lead to wheezing, but most common reasons for this medical symptom are mentioned below:

1)      There could be any lung issue but mostly reduced airflow or congestion in lungs could cause wheezing.

2)      Patients suffering from Asthma, allergies, Inflammation or other infections in lungs might be the reason to produce wheeze.

3)      If someone is suffering from acute Bronchitis, then wheezing might be one of the symptoms.

4)      Pneumonia or lung Cancer also comes along with wheezing.

Herbs for treating Wheezing:

Treating any disease naturally is the best option to gain natural health. There exist plenty of herbs, which can be used for treating wheezing but some of the most useful natural herbal remedies are mentioned below:

Fever Few:

This herb is most commonly used for the treatment of headache but in some cases it is worth using for treatment of wheezing. Though this herb is very bitter in taste yet it is considered very useful for treating wheezing.

Ginkgo Biloba:

This herb is useful in case of wheezing as it acts like an expectorant and reduces congestion in chest. Shortness of breath issue can be solved with the help of Ginkgo. Lots of research has been made on this herb and it has proven to be the best in case of wheezing and coughing.

Carom seeds:

You may use steam therapy by boiling warm water and inserting few Carom seeds in it for few minutes. Take this steam for few minutes and use a towel to cover your head along with that.

Licorice root:

Make tea with few roots of licorice and add few drops of Sesame oil in it before drinking. This is a natural remedy to cure wheezing and you will feel better after only one cup.

Mustard Seeds:

If you are suffering from wheezing because of Bronchial attack then mustard seed is a natural herb for you. You can rub raw mustard seeds on your chest to feel better. In addition to that, you could use mustard oil, mix it with organic sugar, and take it twice to treat wheezing.


This is natural herb used by Chinese to treat many diseases especially those, which are related to Asthma, allergy and chest congestion. You may use this herb in your daily food to get rid of wheezing. However, it is always better if you use only recommended doses because it can cause some side effects as well.


Chamomile works miraculously in case of chest allergies and especially wheezing. This herbal remedy can be used if you are suffering from any chest congestion to avoid from the situation of wheezing.


Wheezing is a painful disease, which can lead to more problems so you should treat it as early as possible with the help of those natural herbal remedies.


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