Herbs for Weakness
2013-02-16 00:37:30
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Weakness is actually the reduction in the strength of muscles of body system. They could be any muscles, which stop working properly and person would be feeling tiredness and fatigue. It could be a single muscle or group of few muscles, which might be disturbing you in your regular healthy activities.


There could be no limit to the causes for weakness and it will vary from one person to another. To realize what your main cause is, you have to self-analyze your system and try to identify, which muscle is not working properly. This may be done with help of some tests and X-rays but remember treatment cannot be done unless you are sure what the actual cause of weakness is. Some of the most common reasons, which were noticed medically, are mentioned below:

1)      Any emotional or mental disturbance could be the reason for fatigue and weakness. These disturbances might include lack of sleep, Depression, overwork or stress.

2)      Any physical disease might be the cause for weakness.

3)      In women, usually Anemia is the reason for weakness.

4)      If patient is suffering from any sort of infection, muscle gets weak because of that.

5)      Muscle breakdown and dystrophy occur in some people which cause weakness.

6)      There are plenty of muscular disorders, which lead a person to overall weakness.

Herbal treatment for weakness:

There are plenty of natural herbal remedies for every sort of weakness but you first have to assess why you are feeling weak before taking any herb. We have given some herbs underneath along with their use in any kind of weakness.

Herbal Juice:

In any case, of weakness especially Anemia, taking herbalenergy drink would be useful. To get it ready, take 1 cup of Apple juice and 1 cup of Beetroot juice. Now add some honey in it and drink it daily to feel strong. Similarly mixing Tomato and Apple juice can also be good and healthy.


Honey is as good as any thing for feeling strong and reducing chances of getting sick again.

Peppermint Tea:

If you are feeling weak because of less or no appetite, you should take Peppermint tea to increase your hunger.


It is one of the most useful natural herbs for the treatment of weakness and gaining back strength. Not only that, it reduces the chances of Cancer in your body and will also be useful in case of liver diseases.


You may take 2 – 3 Garlic cloves and chew them with water. This is not an amazing natural herb for killing Bacteria and viruses but will also help you gaining extra strength.


Mint is also a good herb for gaining natural health and reducing any kind of muscular weakness.


You might be confused about the reason of your body weakness but if you know the exact reason, choose any of the above-mentioned natural herbs to offer yourself remedy at home. No need to eat any medicine when you can get healthy with natural food.








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