Herbal Remedies for Wilson's disease
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Wilson#39;s disease
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Name of Wilson’s disease is on the name of British neurologist S. A. K. Wilson. Wilson was first person who described the Wilson’s disease in 1912. Wilson’s disease is disorder of liver in which excess amount of copper is accumulated in the body and the body is unable to excrete out it. Wilson’s disease is genetic disease, which causes hepatic degeneration. Sufficient amount of copper is essential for some metabolism processes but when it accumulates in the body in excess amount, it causes damage to hepatic cells. It is also dangerous for brain and other neurological parts of the body.


Wilson’s disease is an inherited diseases and very rare disorders. It is autosomal and recessive genetic disease. It represents itself in 25% of people whose parent are carrying aberrant gene of Wilson’s disease. The main cause behind Wilson’s disease is copper accumulation in the body due to this abnormal gene. Excess amount of copper damage cells of liver, kidney and brain. It has also impact on eyes and lowers vision.

Symptoms of Wilson’s disease:

1.      Problems in movement of arms and legs

2.      Stiffness of the limbs

3.      Ataxia (abnormal gait)

4.      Abdominal distension

5.      Distress

6.      Tremors

7.      Alternation and abnormality of speech

8.      Weakness

9.      Jaundice

10.  Icterus

Principle of treatment:

There are two principles, which may apply on treatment of Wilson’s disease:

1.      Use herbs or medicine, which can lower copper absorption.

2.      Treat with such remedies, which can expel excess copper out of the body or aids in excretion of copper from the body.

3.      Zinc supplements

Herbal Remedies for Wilson's disease

Following herbs are beneficial for Wilson’s disease:

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is useful in LIver Disorders including cirrhosis of liver. It may be beneficial in Wilson’s disease and prevents damage of liver or hepatic tissues. Further research is needed to evaluate its results in Wilson’s disease.


Cordyceps is commonly used in Chinese traditional medicine. It improves liver functions and supports liver metabolism.


Zinc supplements are advised to take in Wilson’s disease as it prevents absorption of copper in alimentary canal. Many research studies have confirmed its results in Wilson’s disease. Patient of Wilson’s disease can consume Zinc-containing food.


Astragalus is a wonderful herbal remedy for liver diseases. It increases metabolism of liver and aids in excretion of toxins out of the liver. This herb may be helpful for increasing excretion of excess copper out of the liver and kidneys. Astragalus is mainly effective in viral hepatitis but it can also treat liver degeneration due to Wilson’s disease.


Turmeric has hepatoprotective effects and these effects are confirmed by many research studies. It can be taken as supportive herb in Wilson’s disease.


Dandelion improves liver functions and removes toxins from the body. Therefore, it may be used as an alternative to support other medicines for Wilson’s disease.

Contra-indicated food items in Wilson’s disease:

InWilson’s disease, following food items should be avoided due to excess amount of copper in them:

1.      Mushroom

2.      Shellfish

3.      Liver

4.      Nuts or dried fruits

5.      Chocolate

6.      Do not take vitamin supplement that contains copper.

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