Natural cure for Absent Periods (Missed Menstrual Periods)
2013-02-07 09:06:58
Missed Menstrual Periods
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Every women experience menstrual period every month. Menstruation is the shedding of the walls of the uterus when no penetration of the sperm and egg cell happens. Typically, women must undergo this cycle every month, for up to 5 – 7 days. However, many still suffer from missing or absent periods. Sometimes, they took up to three months without having periods.


There are many reasons why women suffer from absent periods. Some of them are listed below.

1 Pregnancy

This is a common cause of missing a period

2 Serious illness

Any types of illness that can affect the female reproductive system and its hormones can result to amenorrhea

3 Stress

Too much stress can decrease the amount of GnRH hormone making it hard to ovulate or menstruate.

4 Overweight

Being overweight can shift your hormonal cycles

5 Underweight

Not having enough body fat can also result to irregular periods

6 Miscalculation

Sometimes, even miscalculation of the days can make women think that they have missed their periods

7 Peri-Menopause

This is the period of transitions from reproductive age to non – reproductive age

8 Menopause

This is the time in every female’s life, where her reproductive system no longer menstruates or ovulates

Associated Problems

1 Polycystic ovaries

This occurs to approximately five percent of women. Women with PCOS have imbalance in their hormonal level or estrogen levels are low in them. With low levels of estrogen, the follicles cannot mature enough thus resulting to no periods.


2 Premature Ovarian Failure

In this condition, the ovaries stop producing estrogen and shut down before reaching the age of 40.


3 Ectopic Pregnancy

This is a kind of pregnancy, which develops outside the mother’s womb.


4 Anovulation

The egg in this condition is not properly developed and released.



Herbal Treatments

Some herbs can really be useful in treatment of irregular menstrual periods. Some of the herbs that can be used are as follows.


Parsley has long been known as a folk remedy for missed periods. It is a kind of herb that is also considered as an “emmenagogue”. Emmenagogue herbs stimulate menstruation. It can be consumed as tea or dried herb.


Ashoka tree

Extracts taken from the bark of Ashoka tree can be very useful in controlling menstrual periods. The uterine walls are stimulated by the extracts and it further normalizes the menstrual cycle.



Ginger is another stimulant that increases the blood flow. Ginger can be very warming that can make you sweat while it improves the Circulation. Just chop a Ginger root and boil it in water for about 20 minutes. The tea can be drunk for 2-4 times a day. Adding little honey to it is also good.



Chamomile is also recognized as tonic for the nerves. Drinking its tea can help reduce the stress that can cause missed periods. Drinking 2-4 times a day of the tea can help you relax.


Yarrow is commonly found in the northern hemisphere. When menstruation is late, the cold tea can be taken for 3-4 times a day.


SAGE is a usual garden herb and be consumed as an infusion.



ROSEMARY is another herb usually found in the garden. It can be taken as infusion.



It is another herbal root, which is used to provoke uterine contractions thus promoting the beginning of menstruation. It can be consumed as a tea or homeopathic pill. You must first consult your doctor if it will effectively suit your condition.


Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is also called Melissa. This herb calms down the nervous system and correct functionality of uterus thus, encourages the menstrual flow.


The juices of ALOE VERA can help to have menstruation. It also regularizes missed periods.


Women must always be alert especially when talking about their reproductive organ. Being not careful about these parts can cause disorders. If you experience unusual things regarding these organs, you must find the cause. Always seek for a doctor’s help to be sure.



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