Swollen Ankles and Its Herbal Treatment
2013-01-21 03:08:55
Swollen Ankles
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Swollen ankles or swollen feet are very common problem today. It may occur due to excessive standing and walking. However, sometimes it indicates a big issue too. In addition, in complicated situations, swellings accompany other symptoms, which indicate any serious health problem. There can be many causes for swollen ankles.

Causes of Swollen Ankles

Pregnancy problems

Swelling of ankles is a common thing in pregnancy but sudden or excessively swelled ankles indicates to a disease named “preeclampsia”. High Blood pressure and protein loss in the urine develop in the 20th week of pregnancy in preeclampsia.

Foot or ankle injury

Any injury can be a cause for ankle swelling. ‘Sprained ankle’ is most common, in which our blood vessels gets affected.


There is fluid named “lymph” present in our body. Swelling can also be caused by this. It is caused by lymph accumulating in the tissues in the affected areas. Sometimes, lymph vessels get blockage due to which swelling occurs.

Venous insufficiency

It is a condition when the blood inadequately moves up from the lower body (legs and feet) to the heart. It causes due to damaged vein. It leads to the swelling. Internal bleeding can also cause swelling in infected body parts.

Herbs for treating Swollen Ankles


This herb has been in use from centuries to cure swellings. Take these leaves with tea to get relief from swollen ankles.

Burdock roots

These acts as a blood purifier and is good for ankle swelling. We can get it in health stores or in Asian markets. Boil them in water and keep your feet in the tub filled with this water. Some people may be very sensitive towards the leaves and rashes can occur on their feet.


Cranberry juice stimulates the kidneys for better excretion. You can use it to cure ankle swelling. It helps to purify the blood properly to open the blockages in the blood veins. These berries only work on blood purification in this disease.


It is another herb used in this disease. Its diuretic properties help the victim. We can eat it raw in salad, as garnish, or we can make juice from raw parsley. We add Lemon in the juice to increase the diuretic property of the juice.

Celery seeds

These too have diuretic properties in it. We can make its powder and then eat it. It is also efficacious in ankle swelling and patient gets relief with this.


This has flavanoids present inside its leaves and flowers. We can prepare tea from its flowers. These herbs decrease the toxicity in the blood. It clears the blood by increasing the urine. It decreases the infection.


We can heal ankle swelling by these herbal treatments. We should be careful about this disease because it makes more trouble if it increases. Lets cure this disease but with herbal treatment. Herbal treatment has very less side effects as compared to modern medicines that are formulated from various chemicals. 

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