Tips for Transitioning to Vegetarian during Holidays - How to be Vegetarian without Stress
2012-12-10 17:18:07
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If you want to become a vegetarian and you are currently a heavy or moderate meat eater, then you may want to think about a plan of action, especially during the holidays. You may want to learn how to eat healthy as a vegetarian, and there is no easy answer. Here we are going to explain some of the things that you can think about when you are going through this transition.


First: Learn the Difference of Nutritionists and Dieticians


A dietician went through some schooling. A nutritionist may have. Anyone can be a nutritionist, not everyone can be a dietician. It requires an education. If you are going to spend money on advice, make sure that you know you can trust the person you talk to.


If you have any health issues such as diabetes, Obesity, Anemia, or anything that is intense, you will want to have professional help with transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle. This is especially true if you have any blood conditions such as Anemia since meat can provide much-needed protein.


Don't assume that speaking to a registered dietician is going to make things harder for you. They aren't going to tell you that you can't be a vegetarian even if you are anemic, but they can help you find a way to do it without harming yourself. Remember that your body is used to what you have been feeding it, whether it has been mostly vegetables or Twinkies, so you want to transition it gently if you make any big changes.


Second: Acknowledge The Challenge of the Holiday Season


Whether the holidays are coming up or have just passed, there will be a lot of extra food cravings and temptations than usual. You may be tempted by leftovers, or by the meals being cooked in various kitchens as you go from house to house visiting friends and family. Even if you are at home watching television, there are going to be more familiar movies that get your stomach growling with familiarity.


Because of this, take it easy on yourself. You can transition to vegetarianism as the holidays happen, but if you have a bite of some comfort food that you've eaten for years, don't be too hard on yourself.


Remember that the harder you are on yourself, the more you are going to see turning vegetarian as a struggle. It doesn't need to be. It can be a gentle transition, but it requires you to be gentle with yourself.


Third: Finding the Nutrients For You


The picture above is red quinoa, which is delicious and full of protein and nutrients. I love it. I like cooking it with tempeh and coconut oil, and Kale. That works for me, but does it work for you? I'm not sure.


You can talk to a dietician to figure out what types of proteins and nutrients you can use. There are mixed things being said about supplements. Your body does not seem to absorb all of them, but if you are eating them with oil (to make use of the oil soluble vitamins in there) and plenty of water, you may get more out of them.


There are liquid calcium supplements that you can take, as well as recipes you can find for how to make Kale into a delicious food and how to make the most of collards and other greens. You want to be sure that you are getting all of the protein and carbs that you need as well as nutrients. Some particularly high nutrient foods for vegetarians include:



Dulse seaweed



And when you want vegetarian sources of protein, you can choose between:




Adzuki beans

Mung beans


And other things. But how can you find the best vegetarian foods for you?


Pay Attention To Your Body When You Become Vegetarian


Remember that you are going to figure out a lot by just paying attention. Do you feel fainter, lighter, good, bad? Do you feel more focused, less focused, grouchy? Anything that changes about your moods and your balance can indicate that you may need something extra. Depending on what type of meat you ate and how much of it, as well as your constitution, you will need to add different things to your diet to keep a steady pace through this transition.


When you are wondering how to become vegetarian successfully, take your time. Talk to a professional if you can so that you can get some tips that work for your body and your particular situation since all people are not the same. Your body and hormones will react differently to different dietary choices, so it's best to take it slow and pay attention- especially during the holidays.


To summarize, here are the key things to successfully transitioning to being vegetarian during the holidays:

-Talk to a professional if you have any health issues.

-Be gentle with yourself since there are holiday foods and habits that have been building over many years; don't turn becoming vegetarian into an excuse to beat yourself up.

-Transition slowly, pay attention to how you feel, and find the foods that work for YOU.

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