Burning mouth syndrome
by Dr. Jagdev Singh17-May-2013

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Burning mouth syndrome also called BMS is very deplorable condition of the mouth and tongue in which person experiences scalding and burning sensation throughout the tongue and mouth. Its prevalence of occurrence in middle aged and old aged people. It occurs in women as compared to men. Tongue, soft palate and lips are more affected with burning mouth syndrome. Although you might not have heard the name of this disease but it is one of common diseases for those people who eat junk food frequently in their day-to-day life.

Burning mouth syndrome can occur along with other ailment as associated disease. It may be due to dental issues, or there may be nutritional deficiencies. Menopause is also one of the reasons for burning mouth syndrome.


There are many causes associated with burning mouth syndrome. These are:

1.      Over production of acid in stomach

2.      Hormonal changes especially during the period of menopause in women

3.      Diabetes

4.      Damage of some nerves that have action to give sense to taste and pain

5.      Deficiencies of various nutrients

6.      Fungal infection or oral candidiasis

7.      A person may be allergic to his artificial denture materials

8.      Depression might be associated with this problem

In our views, the common cause is overproduction of acid in the digestive system. Although, it is not well established cause and need some research on its association with burning mouth syndrome.


Burning sensation is the main symptom of burning mouth syndrome. It can persist for days to years.

1.      Burning sensation in the mouth – prominent symptom

2.      Numbness of tongue or surrounding areas

3.      Dryness in the mouth

4.      Sore throat

5.      Abnormal taste of tongue

Herbal treatment of burning mouth syndrome:

Herbs should be coolant in nature so it can help in excess heat production in the body. Most herbalists believe that this disorder is due to excess heat accumulation in the body. Therefore, coolant herbs will help with this disease. Following listed herbs will be very useful for you if you are one of people suffering from burning mouth syndrome.

Indian gooseberry:

Indian gooseberry is citric fruit but it is coolant as well. However, all other citric fruits except it can increase the symptoms of the burning mouth syndrome. Therefore, they should be avoided. However, Indian gooseberry is one of great herbal remedies used in a variety of diseases. It is also very effective in burning mouth syndrome. Its crude powder should be taken for the treatment rather than its juice.


All people know about Asparagus uses. According to herbalists, it is also one of common herbs, which are beneficial in burning mouth syndrome. It heals the ulcer and reduces the burning sensation in the mouth.


Licorice is sweet in taste and coolant in nature. It is strengthening herb and treat the various diseases. It can be very effective in burning mouth syndrome due to its coolant and soothing nature. It soothes the layers of soft palates and gives relief from the burning sensation.


Overall, all treatment method given above will affect in all people but it is also necessary to treat the underlying cause of disease. Therefore, consult your physician for better diagnosis of the disease.

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