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Tachycardia term is used for increased heart rate. Tachy means rapid and cardia is used for heart in greek language. According to its medical definition, Heart rate exceeded from 100 beats per minute is called tachycardia. Tachycardia may indicate some underlying serious heart disease and can be dangerous if its heart rhythm is irregular and increases more than 100 beats per minute.


There are various types of tachycardia, which are present in some people. Main types are:

1 Ventricular tachycardia

In ventricular tachycardia, heartbeat is very rapid and it starts from the lower ventricular chambers of the heart that causes the ventricles to contract with the flow of blood. The ventricles are main heart structures that pump the blood. Therefore, this condition may be very serious one because it may lead to asystole, fibrillation of ventricles and sudden death.

1 supraventricular tachycardia

The rapid heart rhythm originated at or above the atrioventricular node is known as supraventricular tachycardia. It is more hazardous than ventricular tachycardia. Shortness of breath, pain in the chest, dizziness and rapid breathing are main associate symptoms with supraventricular tachycardia.


The main causes of tachycardia are:

1.      Uncontrolled hypertension

2.      Congenital abnormal electrical pathways of heartor congenital abnormality

3.       Smoking

4.      Damage of heart tissues

5.      Heavy intake of alcohol or caffeinated beverages

6.      Adverse effects of some medicines

7.      Drug abuse especially cocaine

8.      Hyperthyroidism

Associated Symptoms:

Some of the major symptoms of the tachycardia are:

1.      Shortness in breathing is one of the major symptoms, which leads to tachycardia.

2.      One of the symptoms is the feeling of dizziness.

3.      Sudden weakness, fainting and tiredness are among the other major symptoms.

4.      Sweating can also be the symptom of tachycardia.

5.      More production in urine may also lead to the occurrence of the disease of tachycardia.

Herbal treatment:

* Valerian:

Valerian is the herb used as the herbal remedy for anxiety and stress. It normalizes the heart function and relieves anxiety and stress. In addition, it is helpful in slowing the heart rate and the flow of blood pressure.

* Passion flower:

Passion flower is very effective herbal remedy used to overcome the problems of muscle tension, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia etc. It serves as the very beneficial herb for the heart diseases as well.

* Wood betony:

It is a well known herbal medicine to cure the problems of dizziness, fever and the problems of rapid heartbeat. Herbalists consider it as a very effective and rapid curing herb in rapid heart rhythm.

* Oat straw:

Oat straw is one of the best herbs, which are used in the disease of tachycardia and it is especially helpful in reducing the fats and cholesterol level in the body. It is the best herb for curing remedy of anxiety.

* Skull cap:

Skull cap is the natural herb, which is used as the medical treatment of the number of diseases including tachycardia. The herb grows more in Europe and Asia and it is found in United States and Southern Canada. It is used to relieve tension and to lower the blood pressure in the body.

* Motherwort:

Motherwort is the herb, which is used worldwide for the remedy of a number of diseases. It is used for improving the heart conditions caused by the nervousness. In addition, it is helpful in overcoming the rapid heart rate and the problems of insomnia. Its tea is helpful in decreasing the depression. Mostly motherwort is used with the combination of linden flower and ginger.

* Arjuna:

Arjuna is the best natural treatment for heart and tachycardia. It is used as a heart tonic to maintain the heart rate. In addition, it controls the blood pressure and promotes the proper flow of blood. Along with this, it also reduces the effects of stress and anxiety on the heart.

* Black cohosh:

Black cohosh is the very traditional herb used for the herbal remedies for many diseases. It serves as an anti-inflammatory medicine and relieves muscle pain caused by muscle tension.


Tachycardia is the disease of the heart resulting in the increase in the heart pulse rate due to anxiety, tension or nervousness but the remedies are available to cure the disease in the natural way, which is at the same time very effective as medical treatment for the disease.













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