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Angioedema is basically the swelling that mostly happens all around the mucosa, subcutaneous tissue, eyes and lips. This problem is normally caused because of an allergic reaction during which, histamine and some other chemicals are discharged into the blood stream. This problem is quite same to that of hive, but in the latter one some itchy red whips are created on the surface of the skin. The allergic reaction due to which this problem is caused can be either food or any medication.


The general causes of angioedema are:

1-      Several triggers that create skin or tissue reaction by inducing some cells to release histamine and few other chemicals

2-      Various allergic reactions

3-      Certain kind of foods can also cause this problem in some people such as fish, peanuts, eggs, and frequent offenders.

4-      Several medications such as penicillin, aspirin, ibuprofen, and blood pressure medications etc.

5-      Other allergens like pollen, animal dander, and insect stings etc.

6-      Various environmental factors

Herbs used for treating angioedema

The effective herbs used for the treatment of this problem are given below:

Nettle leaves

This is one of the great herbal remedies used for the treatment of several diseases including angioedema. The extracts of nettle can be used in both tincture or powder form and is helpful in curing various allergies.


This awesome herb is normally used for a short period when acute exacerbation of angioedema is seen. Goldenseal proves to be effective only if this problem is associated with a mild allergy and is case of hereditary angioedema, this herb does not work well.


This is also one of the commonly used herbs for treating various disorders including angioedema. As compared to other herbal treatments for this problem, burdock shows much better results.

Urtica urins

Traditionally, this herb has been used since long times for the treatment of inflammation as well as allergies. In case of angioedema, this natural remedy has proved to be very effective and provides relief gradually.

Allium cepa

The excellent herbal remedy of allium cepa is generally used to decrease swelling, soothe itchiness, and relief the nuisance of the mucous membranes. In addition, this natural remedy is also very helpful in the allergies, which are source of causing angioedema.

Black seed

According to the researches on this herb, it has proved to be very effective in treating several allergies and slightly enhanced cholesterol. The problem of angioedema is usually caused by some sort of allergies so black seed is quite helpful in providing relief in this problem.


In order to prevent this problem, eliminate all the suspected triggers for allergies and in case of mild angioedema, treat it with the help of alternative therapies. In addition to herbal and medical treatments, there are many homeopathic treatments of this problem.  In the same way, according to the recommendation of some doctors, acupuncture is also very helpful in reducing the severity of this problem.


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