Bindweed - convolvulus pluricaulis
by Dr. Jagdev Singh29-Jan-2013

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Bindweed is also known as aloe weed found in Asian countries. It is a perennial herb and procumbent. It is used in ancient culture as a brain tonic and improving memory. It is best herb for hair fall and other scalp related problems. It aids in psychological and chemical stress both.



Botanical classification

Botanical Name - Convolvulus pluricaulis














C. pluricaulis



Other names

It has following synonyms:

1.      Aloe weed

2.      Shankhpushi

3.      Khseerpushpi


It is native to Indian subcontinent and mainly found in India and Burma.

Medicinal Parts

1.      Entire plant including roots

2.      Juice extracted from entire plant

3.      Extracts

Medicinal Properties

1.      Brain tonic

2.      Anxiolytic

3.      Anti-oxidant

4.      Sedative

5.      Hypotensive

6.      Anti-thyroid

7.      Natural tranquilizer

Active principles

Convolvulus pluricaulis contains clavinet alkaloids as active constituents. These are convolvine, convolidine, subhirsine, convosine, phyllabine and contoline.

Medicinal Uses

Convolvulus pluricaulis is used medically in following diseases:

Anxiety and depression

Aloe weed is an herbal remedy that reduces anxiety by its anxiolytic effect.  Its juice is more beneficial for brain as compared to its powder. As powder has lesser impact than its extract or juice. In depression, person becomes irritated easily and thinks a lot uselessly. Brain becomes fluctuated and is filled with negative feelings and thoughts. It calms the mind so aids in depression. It reduces suicidal tendencies of depressed person and helps to tackle problem by improving of problem-solving and learning capacity.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

In obsessive-compulsive disorders, person has symptoms of intrusive thoughts of uneasiness and fear. He becomes extreme in particular issue such as religious thoughts or sexual intercourse etc. Convolvulus pluricaulis soothes brain and its structure. Therefore, it allays symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Hair fall

Aloe weed acts as hair vitalizer and provides nutrition to hairs. It is used in manufacturing of some hair oil that prevents hair fall and enhance growth of hairs. It is also widely used in head massage oils to provide coolness to brain.


It has been reported in one of western study that aloe weed has ulcer healing properties. It augments mucin and glycoproteins secretion and helps to heal ulcer easily. It also removes stress factors that can increase risk of formation of ulcer in the alimentary canal.


As mentioned above, it calms the mind so it induces sound sleep. It reduces barriers that prevents sleep and helps person to have a sound and undisturbed sleep. It reduces mental stress and fatigue. It gives feeling of freshness and feeling of peace or calm.


Powder = 2 to 5 gram of aloe weed powder can be used twice a day. It should be taken with warm water.

Extract = 250 to 500 mg extract can be taken in capsule form.

Juice = 10 to 20 ml of its fresh juice


It is available in form of powder. If you want to use it for rejuvenation purposes, its fresh juice is very helpful. However, fresh juice is not available in the market so it is good to identify herb and take it to extract its juice on daily basis. Its extracts are also available in market in capsule form so that can be used.


However, it is very safe herb for human consumption but it should be taken under medical supervision.


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