Optic neuropathy
by Dr. Ruchi  Sharma21-Jan-2013

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Optic neuropathy is a non inflammatory disease of the eye which is caused by the destruction of optic nerve tissues. The protective sheath of the eye surrounding the nerve of the eye is damaged or loss. When these nerve cells are damaged, they lead to the optic neuropathy. These nerve cells emerged from retina, leaving eye at optic disc and then go to visual cortex where the vision is produced. It is also referred as optic atrophy to describe the loss of optic nerve. The swelling of the single nerve is known as neuritis.


There are number of causes that lead to the optic neuropathy. Some causes include the nutritional deficiency, an interruption in the blood supply of the body. Other causes are viral infection and neurological infections or disorders. Other viral infections and infections like toxoplasmosis and diabetes and drugs are among the other major causes of optic neuropathy.


1 The symptoms that lead to the destruction of optic nerve and causes optic neuropathy include:

2 The main trait of the optic neuropathy is the gradual loss in vision.

3 Other symptoms are papillary defect, visual field defect, and optic atrophy.

4 Loss of color perception is another major symptom.

5 Burning sensation and pain in the effected nerve is the common symptom.

6 Fever, headache or nausea.

7 Reduction of brightness in one eye relative to other.

Herbal treatment:

1 Carrots and spinach:

Carrots and spinach are rich in minerals and vitamins, which are often lacking in the human body. Carrot juice and spinach are very helpful in overcoming the disease. The combination of both juices can be made and should drink daily until the symptoms subside.

2 Soya beans:

Soya bean milk is also very beneficial in curing the optic neuropathy. You can add a tsp of honey in the milk and drink it each night regularly before sleeping.

3 Salvia root:

For reducing the swelling, the best use herb that helps in the blood moving herbs that cool is the use of natural herbs like salvia root. This herbal must be used within a week to help restore the vision.

4 Ginkgo leaf and Bala:

Another important herb that is used as a cure for the recovery of vision and even in some cases the sense to smell is the use of herbs like ginkgo leaf and bala. The patients recover the ability to smell and vision after the use of that herb.

5 Red peony root:

Another major herb used among the other discussed herbs is the use of red peony root which will help the patient in the improvement of vision and the neurological improvement.

Diet of fresh fruits and vegetables:

One of the best natural ways for curing the optic neuropathy is through the use of fresh vegetables and fruits in the diet as it helps in reducing the toxicity in the body by reducing the food that result in toxicity like meat, fried foods, coffee, alcohol, tobacco etc.

Optic neuropathy can be cured by using the number of natural herbs and will prevent the damage of the eyes and help recover the vision.








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