by Dr. Jagdev Singh08-Jan-2013

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Lucuma (Pouteria lucuma) is the most beneficial fruit in the world. It is native to Peru. It is very nutritious fruit possessing adequate quantity of B complex vitamins mainly niacin. It is also very good source of carotene that is good for eyesight, hair and skin. It contains iron and zinc and is good source of calcium and proteins. Dehydrated powder of lucuma is used as flavouring agent in ice creams and milk products. In Peru, lucuma ice creams are more famous than chocolate and vanilla ice creams. It has sweet taste but it is low glycemic sweetener.

Benefits of lucuma:


Lucuma contains niacin that is important to prevent depression as some recent researches have stated. Therefore, it is helpful in depression. Lucuma also prevents conversion of daily stress into depression.  It strengthens brain cells to adapt according to stress and workloads. It is good tonic for brain.

Protection from cancer

Frequent intake of lucuma protects from cancer.


Constipation is caused by numerous factors but one factor is fewer intakes of fibres in diet. Fibrous food is good for constipation as fibres help to form bulk in intestines and absorb water. It relieves constipation. Lucuma is rich in fibre content and therefore, it removes constipation.


It acts as anti-oxidant and reduces degenerative changes in the body. Therefore, it slows down the aging process of cells and acts as anti-aging remedy.

Wound healing

It has healing properties especially in healing skin wounds.

Reduce inflammation

It is also helpful for reducing inflammation in the body. It also reduces pain in arthritis and inflammation of joints. It is good dietary supplement for patients suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatic arthritis.

Immunity booster

Lucuma is rich in vitamins and minerals and boosts immunity of a person. It has everything that helps to fight with infections and prevents infectious diseases.

Health tonic

Lucuma is rich in B complex vitamins and it contains antioxidants which are essential for good health. It reduces fatigue and is good for patients suffering from anaemia. Therefore, it can be used as health tonic.


Osteoporosis is a disease of bone in which bone density is decreased. Bones become porous and fragile due to lack of calcium. Lucuma is rich in calcium and phosphorus that are essential for bone formation. Lucuma strengthens the bones and helps in osteoporosis.

Many herbalists recommend frequent intake of lucuma fruit for health benefits. As lucuma has low glycemic index so it can be taken by diabetic patients also. It is also good fruit for children as it contains essential nutrients required for their growth. It improves complexion of skin and heals cuts and bruises. It reduces appetite and is therefore, good for overweight people. Many diseases are caused by constipation and lucuma is a very good alternative to constipation medicines due to richness in natural fibres. It also prevents diseases caused by constipation in digestive system. Due to its many benefits, it is also known as "Gold of the Incas.”

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