Goji berry
by Dr. Jagdev Singh08-Jan-2013

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The scientific name of goji is Lycium barbarum. It is also commonly known as wolfberry. It belongs to Solanaceae family. Goji berry is fruit of two close related species Lycium Chinese and Lycium barbarum. It is a bright red orange berry. It has been rated as the highest antioxidant containing food.

Form of intake

It can be taken in form of cooked or dry and eaten raw also. It is used in various juices, medicines, wines, and herbal tea.

Nutritional benefits of goji berry

·         It contains compounds of Vitamin A.

·         It contains Vitamin C also.

·         It is rich in antioxidants.

Benefits of goji berry:

Cardiovascular diseases

Goji berries contain very powerful antioxidants like zeaxanthin and beta carotene. These antioxidants are beneficial in preventing heart diseases by improving circulation of blood. Gogi berries also help in lowering cholesterol as well as blood pressure. Goji berry contains compounds that are rich in Vitamin A which help in preventing heart diseases.


Antioxidants present in goji may also help in prevention of cancer and other diseases.


Goji berries are helpful in preventing fatigue and tiredness. Along with this, they also help to relieve headache.

Anti ageing effects

Eating foods rich in antioxidants help in slowing the ageing process. This is done by minimization of damage caused by free radicals. These free radicals injure cells and damage their DNA. When the DNA of a cell is changed, its growth starts abnormally. Antioxidants help in delaying ageing by taking away destructive power of the free radicals. In fact, Vitamin A present in goji berries also helps in anti ageing benefits. Even the polysaccharides present in goji berries stimulate the release of human growth hormone which can also change the effects of aging by reversing them.

Brain health

Extracts of goji berries is also found to have well for brain health. It also helps in protection from age related diseases like Alzheimer disease.

Immune booster

The compounds of Vitamin A present in goji berries help in developing immune system of the body and thereby provide protection from various diseases.


Compounds of Vitamin A present in goji help in improving the vision of eyes. In addition, the carotenoids present in goji berries help in the protection of retina of eye.


Goji berries are extremely good for improving sexual functions in male. They enhance fertility also.

Goji berry juice:

Juice of goji berries has many benefits as given below:

·         It is good for mental well being.

·         Improves the performance of athletics.

·         Induces good sleep.

·         Helps in maintenance of good health.

·         Helps in gaining calmness in the body.

Side effects of goji berries:

Goji berries have some side effects also.

·         Goji berries are reactive to those having allergy from pollen grains. So those having pollen allergy should avoid goji berries.

·         Goji berries have interaction with blood pressure drugs. Therefore, patients taking those medicines must avoid goji.

·         Goji berries may interact with diabetes also. So diabetics should stay away from this fruit.

·         Warfarin an anticoagulant (blood thinner) is also reactive to goji berries.

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